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Literature of the Jazz Age....
From the days when the Model T Ford would set you back $575, alcohol was illegal and Gandhi had just emerged as a public figure in India right up until there was sound in films, they began construction on the Empire State building and Scotch tape was invented, this frame of time from 1920 to 1929 was the Jazz Age. This was also the time of other history makers such as Charlie Chaplin, J. R. R. Tolkien and Adolf Hitler. Though aside from these history making events there were also important things happening in the world of American literature.
Most notable were the group of American expatriates living in Paris and other parts of Europe known by a title coined by Gertrude Stein, these writers were known as the Lost Generation. These writers were the new self styled Americans born in the 1890s who came of age during WWI. Some of the most significant members of this group were Ernest Hemingway, T. S. Eliot and of course F. Scott Fitzgerald, each of which wrote several important works which
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What To Do Now?....
in a shadowed bar full to the brim with booze hounds
only ever asking the crowd whose round?
while swaying with their melancholy to the new sound
left with empty pockets and the question of what to do now?
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the month then was July
and pretty much to my surprise
i saw the both parts of me collide
i was swept away
and this was just yesterday
left astray, with nothing left to say
sadly life became tame
no one would recognize my name
and i thought i guess its just how they play the game
remember the days when everything was new
and we would sit around with everything to do
when lies didn’t exist and everything was true
and i really thought i meant everything to you
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A Pool Of Poetry....
sitting on the edge of a pool of poetry
on the edge because i dont want to get too wet
sad because too many people just rhyme
regret with forget like they dont think its cliched yet
these days originality is critical and i probably
get lazy at times and use poor thought
but at least my intention was pure
to begin with rather than store bought
and its best not to think too much
like right now do i sound arrogant and vain?
because its not helpful to question it
even if your audience starts to complain
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Start At The Muse....
These unusual amounts of eye contact,
Has me wondering do I want that?
Is it just better to hibernate and contract?
Has me wondering if I want to be that compact.
Nearly full to the brim with anxiety,
And never really been the one to talk defiantly.
Currently under the influence of sobriety,
Though the other thing is, is that I’m confident quietly.
I’m bound to be the man to just browse society,
Because I do agree the spice of life is variety.
Never been the one to be hailed with notoriety,
Always been the type to just act with propriety.
Now I’m new and improved with less to lose,
And to me that seems to be the best of news.
What the idea here? Just to test and choose?
My poetry is to show & prove as I vent my views.
I don’t harbour a grudge, I harbour a bruise,
And it stands out as one of the darkest of hues.
Like a bomb, I need to be taken apart at the fuse,
Want to know what it’s about you better start at the muse.
:iconobsidianjames:obsidianjames 2 13
Cloak and Dagger....
passed by a figure, i gawked, at his cloak and dagger
6 foot no bigger, who walked, with a broken swagger
clouds now amassed, i stare, at the billowed forms
feeling unsurpassed, best beware, for these pillows storm
with whom, did my path cross, as to have this effect here
darkened gloom, he just laughs off, to try and detect fear
take the cloak? who is it? do i claim the reaper?
id rather not provoke, a second visit, by the gate keeper
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The Truth....
Like he was liberated but jaded, half way through the abusive and informative talk. I knew he wasn’t lying and I think everyone else had realized that was the case also. For once we heard words which were the actual truth and not just convincing fabrications. Regardless of the shock that came with the knowing the room suppressed its emotions all at once and was frozen without a sound. His voice held reign over his audience, he was a man of power, once respectable though now the only feeling we had toward him was regret that we fell for his charades.
Four years ago, it didn’t seem that long; we met in a jazz lounge on the other side
of the river. Usually the venue was like a tin of sardines, full of the hippest folk in
town or at least full of those who wanted to be considered that, but that night we
were the only souls in attendance. No one was performing; the only jazz was the
soothing sounds coming from the battered speakers in the corners of the room.
From my end of the ba
:iconobsidianjames:obsidianjames 1 9
i can see it all unfolding, unraveling rather
mind breaking down but thought traveling faster
sadness on my mug but im grappling laughter
wait for it to stop to see whats happening after
:iconobsidianjames:obsidianjames 0 2
all id hoped for was some talk after hello
please stop now or you'll force me to the gallows
im looking to jump and the waters very shallow
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The Next Hour....
you will be here for the next hour
I'll introduce you to the mattress
I'll treat you gently, like a flower
please don't be another actress
i want to feel like you know me
i want to feel how i used to
make me not feel lonely
make me feel like i knew you
essentially this is just charades
and some would think it funny
but you help me to not feel afraid
i guess I'll go and get your money
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This Is Real Life....
Every time I write
Rehab is what it feels like
Because this is real life
Cutting me like a steel knife
:iconobsidianjames:obsidianjames 1 1
If Only....
are you my cure?
or are you going to be another disease?
i need it to be pure
i need you to be my answer. please?
will you know me?
i feel like your my last remaining light
and just if only
we could see and share the same sight
:iconobsidianjames:obsidianjames 1 3
I'm Mr. Right....
you know the feeling when its just too late
when her quirky smile drew you in like bait
when the only thing you know how to do is die
and all you can say to her is bye........good bye
same old routine of breaking hearts
same old outcome of falling apart
there is no stopping her
cant stay on the ground
my heart makes no pound, my heart makes no sound
tough cause her style is kick and scream
its tough to put out a fire with gasoline
shes solid as a rock
a beautiful sight
pity she doesn't see the light, i know im mr. right
:iconobsidianjames:obsidianjames 2 5
Something About Lube....
Mitch: what the fuck are you doing?
Glenn: washing the dishes what do you think? You’re the pig I’m cleaning up after all the time you should be grateful!
Mitch: You’re using my toothbrush!
Glenn: Yes well revenge is sweet is it not?
Mitch: You bastard!
Glenn: (laughs triumphantly but not too exaggerated because I don’t want him to look like he is full of himself)
Mitch: I’m going out.
Glenn: You’ll be back! Sooner than you think….. (
:iconobsidianjames:obsidianjames 1 2
Grab Life....
i had this idea, on a night so clear
it was right here, though i had a slight fear
that in my tragic slumber, someone drew my magic number
i had hoped i wouldn't wonder, that maybe i should encumber
i saw the hazard lights, i paused when they flashed twice
i thought hmm thats nice, next time i might grab life
:iconobsidianjames:obsidianjames 2 9



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nearly been a year since I said I was leaving for a while....

if I can log in at home later tonight, then im back otherwise forget it


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